Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan

Who am I?

Asslamualikum everyone!

I'm Muhammad Mehedi Hasan, a Full stack developer, Open source contributor and Islamic book reader. I want to build something that solves some problems of others and me. Mainly I work on PHP stack but work's on JavaScript too. Currently, I am working in a software company named weDevs as a Software Engineer.

What I have made?

The following projects have been made by me:

1. Laravel DyanamoDB

It is a package for Laravel framework also you can use into general PHP projects too. By using this package, you can interact with AWS DyanamoDB with the fluent syntax, also it has Eloquent support too. You can perform CRUD operation very easily and also it supports batch operation, items pagination and lots more.

2. Laravel AMP Mail

This package lets you send an email with AMP support. So you can easily send AMP mail alongside HTML or Text email. So if the mail client of your user doesn't support AMP mail, then he or she can see the HTML or the Text-only version of your mail.

3. Typing Master for Developer

It is a typing app for developers. You can type expressions of a variety of programming languages rather than a random paragraph. You can try now by clicking demo here.

4. Six men's morris (Game)

This is a simple path matching game. You can try demo here.

5. Product Watcher

Product Watcher is a WordPress plugin, that allows showing product viewer count in the WooCommerce store in real time.